Express services

Through Club Rajpal, I offer a range of express services to individuals either looking to build up or strengthen an existing brand. Please note that these services are limited and are offered on a first come first serve basis.  


Design services

Character Design: $650

Logo Design: $650

Merchandise Design: $500

Product Packaging: $750

Leaflets: $300

Business Cards: $250



 Website Design: $800 

Social Media Content (15 Graphic Overlays): $750

Social Media Content (8 Basic Animated Overlays): $750

Social Media Mixed Content (4 Basic Animated Overlays & 8 Graphics): $750

Social Media Strategy (Analysis & Plan): $650

Content Creation Strategy: (Analysis & Plan) $650

Podcast Creation: $650

Website Blogs (Per Article): $300

Skype Social Media Coaching: (Per 1 Hour Session) $300




 Business Strategy: $750

Market Research Report: $750

Brand Design Analysis: $750

Personal Productivity Plan: $500

Skype Business Coaching (Per 1 Hour Session): $300




International Services