CLUB 1-2-C

Evil is approaching and darkness is all around us. During a time where the corrupt are growing greedier and the powerful are seeking to further manipulate the minds of society, a team of brave yet brilliant individuals founded what we now know today as Club 1-2-C. An ancient place built specifically to save the world and its future from further harm.

For centuries the 1-2-C elders have moved in secret, working within the shadows for the betterment of mankind. But no more. After blueprints for many top-secret missions were actively leaked by an outcasted member, the current club leaders came to an important decision to reveal to the world who they were and what they stood for.

Our journey begins as watch these individuals take on different challenges as they help to inspire, educate and motivate the world.

Club Mission

When we are not fighting the bad guys, the 1-2-C team are working diligently to produce inspirational content for the world to enjoy. We try to always follow the mystic principles laid out by the elders listed to produce the best pieces of content.

These include the following:





the chronicles of 1-2-c

Catch-up on our latest editions to our originial Webtoon series.

club journal

Follow the club characters in real time as they post about their lives and creative content.

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